What it is

Watch Builder is an extension for Visual Studio® that is an enhanced watch window. Watch Builder allows the user to control the format of the expressions being watched.

Requires Visual Studio 2017.

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How it works

wb1.jpgOpen the extension by selecting Watch Builder from the View/Other Windows menu.


wb2.jpgThe window will appear. the Add Watch button is used for adding an item to watch, the Delete All btton deletes all watch items, the Edit Defn button is used to control how an item is displayed.


wb3.jpgThe data can be displayed in several different formats: simple, box, list, grid. The simple layout just displays the data.


wb4.jpgFor the box layout the object fields are shown. The particular fields can be selected so only they are displayed.


wb5.jpgThe list layout displays some or all of the members of a collection, list, stack, etc.


wb6.jpgThe grid layout shows the data in a list with columns. This displays some or all of the members of a collection, list, stack, etc.


wb7.jpgCreate a watch definition for the desired type.


wb8.jpgConditional formats can be used to change the format when a certain condition is met. So, for instance, the element of a collection can be highlighted when is is being referenced by an index or reference variable.

Installation instructions

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