What it is

Property pallet is an addin for Microsoft® Access® that is used to set the properties for controls on a form or report.  The toolbar has buttons that can copy the properties from one control to another, save a set of properties as a style, or perform formatting operations such as sizing a control to a given number of characters.

Requires Access 2007, Access 2010.

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How it works

To apply a style click on the target control and then the desired style on the Property Painter toolbar:pp1.jpg
And the style will be applied to the control:pp2.jpg
To size a control to a desired number of characters click the control and select the Size to number of characters option on the special formats button on the Property Painter toolbar:pp3.jpg
Enter the desired number of characters:pp4.jpg
And the control is sized to the number of characters using the control's font and font size:pp5.jpg
To copy a set of properties select the control and then click the Copy button on the Property Painter toolbar:pp6.jpg
Then select the target control and click the Paste button:pp7.jpg

Installation instructions

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