What it is

Combobox Writer is an addin for Microsoft® Access® that functions like the Access combobox wizard with one important exception, Combobox Writer is fully customizable.  Any combobox that you use frequently in your development work can be added to the Combobox Writer.  The combobox's event procedures can be created as templates so that parts of the procedure will be filled in when the combobox is being added to a form.  The Combobox Writer will ask for all of the usual information for the combobox (rowsource, name, etc.) as well as the information needed to complete the combobox's event procedures.  Also standard property settings can be saved so that Combobox Writer will use them when creating a combobox.

Requires Access 2007, or Access 2010.

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Price: $15.00

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How it works

Simply create a combobox with an event procedure template like this:CBW1.jpg
And then when you are placing the combobox on the form ComboBoxWriter will ask for the needed parts of the procedure:cbw2.jpg
And the combobox will be created and added to the form with the event procedure:cbw3.jpg

Installation instructions

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